D'Arcy Harris

c: 250-686-2375 | darcy@darcyharris.com


I'm lucky enoughto have some great clients,and they have all been kind enough to give me permission to show you their correspondence. 

A dream maker!

I am writing to you from my kitchen office overlooking my magnificent deck, sparkling pool and the crown jewel, my horses.  Our son's social life has expanded exponentially and he loves having his friends over in the pool, hot tub and horseback riding, as do we. The trails go on forever!  I can see our horse Danny having a nap right now in the meadow and his gorgeous Dutch Warm Blood girlfriend (Juno ) is grazing. We see hummingbirds, white ring-tailed doves and red-shafted flickers in our garden every day!  Thank-you!  

What kind of Scotch did you say you liked?


Laura, Buyer